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My Home Designs and Commission Details


Hello! I am Astra and I design houses in Final Fantasy XIV. My primary design styles are modern/contemporary/industrial, and I enjoy making detailed layouts and architecture. I play on the NA DC Crystal, specifically on Coeurl.
My full portfolio can be seen on Housing Eden and Housing Snap.
To contact me, here is my Twitter.
Please look at commission details and commission form if contacting me for a commission, thank you.

Commission Details

Commission Status: Closed
I take commissions on all Data Centers. Currently not taking gil commissions, only through alternative payment methods. DM me for rates if interested in applying for a commission in the future.
Please fill out the Commission Form and read the Terms of Service below before sending an application. Please send a twitter DM if contacting for a commission with as much information that you can fill from the form.Commission requests will not be first come first serve. I will choose which requests to take on the basis of what I am interested in and what I feel I can accomplish and excel at. It is my duty to make something that I know will be of high quality to you.Please set aside ~7-10m Gil for furnishing purchases, I will return any excess that is not spent. Depending on the market on the Data Center, more may be required.I will ask for full payment after consultation and before beginning work in game.This page was last updated June 24th 2022.

Commission Form

When requesting a commission, please try to answer as many of the following questions, it will help me greatly to decide if I would like to take your request.

  • What size house do you own? (S/M/L)

  • What Data Center/World Server are you on?

  • Is this house a private or an FC house?

  • Which one of my houses left you with a strong impression?

  • What type/style of house do you want? (i.e. modern, wooden cabin, etc)

  • What rooms do you wish to have in your house? (i.e. bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc.)

  • Are there any specific furnishings you would like? (i.e. fireplace, bar, bookshelves, etc.)

  • What atmosphere do you wish to have in your house?

  • What colors are you looking for in your house?

  • What will this house be used for? (i.e. RP, RP venue, GPOSE, place to afk/relax, etc)

  • Do you have any references (real life or in game) you would like me to reference when making your house?

  • Have you read my Terms of Service and agree to it?

Terms of Service

-I have the right to refuse a commission request for any reason when contacted.-I will only decorate 1 floor of the home. I will not work on requests that ask me to decorate the basement, ground floor and first floor. The only exception (and this is on a case by case basis) is in a large size house and RP venues.-I will request full payment after consultation and before beginning work in game, no exceptions.-Please provide as much detail when requesting a commission, as more detail allows me to create focused designs. This is unless you intend to give me a blank slate/full creative control.-The biggest challenge in FFXIV Housing is item count limitations. I will be less likely to accept requests that request many rooms/spaces to be created, as making them will strain the item count and make it difficult for me to add details and be creative.-Please set aside ~7-10m Gil for furnishing purchases, I will return any excess that is not spent. Depending on the market on the Data Center, more may be required.-You may be asked to obtain items that are non tradable/market boardable. (Bozja, Crafter Scrip, Bicolor Gemstones, Doman Enclave)-When I am working on your house, it is your job to check up on it to see if my work is in line with your expectations. If I complete the house and you never checked up on it/never asked for modifications during the building process, I will not edit the completed product unless paid more.-I can work with big FCs, but will only communicate with 1 person, not several. That person needs to effectively communicate all the desires of the FC, and I will only communicate to them.-I will not work on a design that must be completed within a specific time frame.-I will post your house on social media. You may request to keep the address hidden.-After I complete the home and post it on social media, you must wait 2 weeks before modifying the design. After the 2 weeks have elapsed you may do as you wish.-If you are on the waitlist, I will get to you. Please be patient, as I do not select the request order based on first come first serve, but in an order that I think will be the most beneficial to me creatively.


This is only a small portion of my work. If looking for more please check out my Housing Eden and Housing Snap.

Rainy Days

Modern Industrial

Light Wood

Natural Light

Amaurotine Lounge

Pastel Green Home